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In preschool, teaching effectively is arguably more important than at any other time in a child’s education because it is when the child’s educational foundation is established. A key to Challenger’s success is its ability to blend fun and learning in early education—when children are curious, eager to learn, and when their minds are developing rapidly.

Consider how we approach arithmetic with our preschoolers

We teach preschoolers that numbers are symbols representing quantities. We sing songs and play games that supplement our teaching and ask questions like, “If you have 2 cookies and your friend brings you one more, how many would you have?” Reinforcing this connection between numbers and real items forges an understanding of numbers that simply reciting numbers in sequence cannot create.

A child taught to count to 25 and a Challenger preschooler may both demonstrate counting to 25. But their confidence, understanding of numbers (such as the 2 meaning two groups of ten, and the 5 five ones), and their readiness for higher concepts will be very different.

At Challenger School, we use singing, dancing, and games to help teach the core subjects and to make and keep learning fun and interesting. Observe a Challenger preschool class, and you’ll struggle to find the line between learning and fun!

A healthy sense of self-worth is very important to children’s development because a child possessing it knows that he is good, has great potential, and can learn and do many things of his choosing.

Because they know self-worth is so important, many educators or educational institutions will suggest that they can give a child self-worth. Impossible! That is like saying to a friend that you will give her a rich and rewarding relationship with her spouse.

We do not give your child self-worth—it cannot be given. But as we teach a child proper thinking methods, he soon discovers the joy of using the strength of his mind and his capacity to do and achieve. His self-worth starts becoming anchored in him and not on the unreliable favor, approval, or praise given by others.

So while we don’t and can’t say that we give children self-worth, we do help them develop it for themselves. And there is no shortcut, no way around the work.

At Challenger School, your child can gain a healthy sense of self-worth, but he will earn it, own it, and take it with him when he leaves.

Our teachers present concepts in a logically ordered sequence and demonstrate how each new idea is connected to previous learning with observable facts, our students learn to discover and make new connections on their own.

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