We encourage visual arts as a platform for all areas of the curriculum. Our Art Curriculum is as much about object manipulation, developing correct pencil grips, mark making, and colouring and drawing as it is about Classical Greek Art, French and German Romantic Art.

We use the visual arts to engage children in kinaesthetic, visual, spatial, logical and emotional activities. At challenger public school the works of Mondrian are used to explore geometry and mathematical shapes.

Building Self-Awareness and Self-Confidence

Self-awareness and self-confidence derive from a deep-seated intrapersonal understanding. A child needs to develop an active sense of self, who they are and where they come from.

Additionally they need to understand how they fit in to the variety of social groupings they will encounter on a daily basis.


Literacy encompasses the ability to read and to write. These two skills are critical to the future success of all children in school. It is well documented that the most important years for the development of these skills are between birth and the age of eight.

From the day children join us, no matter what age they are, we begin to share our love of literacy with them so that they can grow to be school children, teenagers and adults who are able to read and write competently and who have a love and appreciation of the joys of literature and the prowess of being able to write well.

School Preparation

Good early education is aimed to ensure children grow and develop at their own pace, are healthy and secure and safe and to support children prepare for that next step of going to school. At Challenger Public School we develop an individual plan for each child to foster their development based on their needs, talents, abilities, and interests, always bearing in mind their future readiness for school.


Challenger Public School recognises the needs for children to have regular physical activity alongside the other curricular activities that are planned for our children. The establishments of good habits, such as taking part in sport in young children leads to healthy lifestyle choices in later life.

Sports sessions led by a qualified Sports Coach are part of the regular activities we provide for our children over the age of two.