Curriculum Focus

Curriculum Focus

Challenger’s fun-filled kindergarten program challenges students and their ability to stay on task in order to optimize their success. We’ve perfected the balance between play and learning so well that our kindergartners can’t tell the difference—it’s a seamless environment of learning and fun. Our curriculum and teaching methods are designed to help students become precise thinkers and self-reliant individuals.

They solve real-life logic problems, add and subtract numbers, and begin to understand fractional parts. Our kindergarten students radiate confidence and happiness! This confidence, in part, is what propels them to think for themselves—questioning everything—and to achieve well beyond other children their age.

Challenger preschoolers start early and start right! Our preschool programs lay the foundation for our students’ future learning. Challenger preschoolers enjoy an effective mix of music, reading, math, art, drama, social relating time, science, and physical activities that aim to improve small and large motor skills. In Challenger’s uniquely fun and academic preschool, children learn in challenging, but attainable, steps, and they begin to experience the joy of achievement as they employ their newly acquired knowledge and skills.

Even our youngest preschoolers begin to gain self-worth through achievement, and we encourage parents to support this important development. We are careful not to do for a child what she can do for herself, lest we dampen her independence and her confidence in the strength of her own mind. Our curriculum channels a child's insatiable thirst for discovery and helps improve her focus and concentration—skills necessary to excel in life.Come see what our students are able to achieve!

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